Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thank you

IFGE was great. I am so grateful for the warmth and appreciation that the transgender community has expressed for the Kids of Trans Program. Tucson was like coming home to a place I'd never been before, to friends and mentors. If I met you at the conference, it was a pleasure.

The final version of the Kids of Trans Resource Guide will be available by May 18th, the day of our Transgender Family Picnic in Dolores Park (prospective parents and allies are welcome). This means I still have a lot to do, although it still amazes me that this is my day job (at least for another month and a half). I am so blessed!

If you are looking for resources for people with transgender parents, check out COLAGE's Kids of Trans Program. Our Transgender Family Resources List, KOT online community, Pen Pal program, and other resources are available on the site.

Life in SF has been pretty hectic and filled with springtime since my return. I realized that so much of my energy focus was finishing the guide for IFGE that the past week has felt like a release. Now that it's in final draft and the conference was so successful, I am really asking 'what's next?'.

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