Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Arizona, Here I Come!

I leave for Tucson in the morning to attend the IFGE Conference, which begins Thursday. My dear friend and former roommate Bonnie G lives in Tempe now, so she's driving down to hang out tomorrow evening.

Friday, I am co-presenting two sessions - one specifically on When a Parent Transitions and one focused on Children of Transgender Parents. I look forward to reconnecting with the transgender community that has welcomed me so warmly.

Two years ago, I attended my first IFGE with fellow KOT Christy Hubert. During a media workshop, I stood to ask a question to the panel: "My name is Monica and my father is a transwoman. I work with COLAGE and have witnessed people with gay and lesbian parents further the rights of their families. How can people with transgender parents do the same?". The audience gave me a standing ovation. At that moment, with tears in my eyes, I realized that it was time to commit to this work. I couldn't have done it without the trans community or the queerspawn community.

Tomorrow, I will carry 75 copies of the Kids of Trans Resource Guide Preview in my suitcase.

The guide exists. Now is the time to share it...


Michele said...

The KOT guide is amazing! Thanks for your hard work and particularly, thanks for speaking out and sharing your story so that others know that they are not alone. I shared one of the draft versions of the guide very recently w/ a couple who have children and I could "feel" the relief when they looked it over and understood that they had a starting point to share w/ their child about transitioning.

Your work is VERY important!

Monica C-L said...

Thanks, Michele! I am so excited that the guide is already making a difference.