Thursday, January 24, 2008

Queespawn Radical Cheer

I was flipping through a copy of COLAGE's newsletter Just for Us and came across the cheer that the high school radical cheerleaders workshop performed at Familyweek last summer. It reminded me just how much I love this community. Here is the text:

The nation now is so uptight
All queerspawn have got to unite
The G-O-V's got hate and spite
So us queerspawn gotta shed some light

Resist! Resist! The system that we're in
Picture-perfect families don't let every one in

Families on TV have a mom and a dad
My family's different and we sure are rad
I see you you shooting that documentary
but that's not everybody's family
Families of color and KOTs
Single parents and divorc'es
Second-gen's not what they want to see
Resist the expectation that they have for me!


If all our families come together as one
That's the way it's gonna get done!

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