Monday, January 7, 2008

Blair Waldorf's Gay Dad

In honor of my first sick day of 2008, I've decided to share one of my guilty pleasures. I only recently started to watch TV on the internet (not the be confused with TV on the Radio) after a few years of an occasional TV series on DVD. This could be a dangerous new world of procrastination. I have been watching Gossip Girl, the CW hit about Upper East Side teenagers, based on a series of young adult novels. It is basically 42 minutes of over-privileged hotties running around New York. Somehow, it keeps me entertained.

One interesting element of the plot is that Blair Waldorf's father has recently left her mother for another man. In the Christmas episode, Blair's father returns home with his new partner, expecting that if they are all in the same place, things will just work themselves out. Of course, Blair is completely heartbroken that she doesn't get to spend special time with her daddy. Never fear, though, daddy and Roman just bought a villa in France with a room decorated just for Blair.

While the episode is as ridiculous as the rest of the show, some elements are true to life. Roman was an old family friend who the father fell for after years of knowing him, which happens sometimes. The dad has unrealistic expectations for the family, which often happens after a divorce. Ultimately, it comes down to the parents being adults, even if the teenagers act like adults already.

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Patrick/Ed @ Roman Holiday said...

hi there,

i just read your entry as i am googling this subject of blairs gay dad at the moment for some research for a documentary i am making about the kids of gay parents - and began to wonder how fun it would be to talk to the actress about how she prepared for the role etc... anyways, pipe dreams i know, but i am going to give it a go... thanks for the post, ed