Saturday, November 20, 2010

Honoring Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today, let us remember the lives of transgender people lost out of hatred and fear.

The list is long again this year.

As countless gay folks promise us that 'it gets better', let us pause to remember those whose lives were ended before they could; those who were the target of violence because they were living authentically.

For me, as a daughter, I think of the loved ones left asking, 'Why?'. The tear-stained cheeks of daughters, siblings, parents, sons, partners, friends. The heartache and the memories, the anger and fear. The feeling of helplessness in the face of severe injustice.

In honor of our transgender loved ones and all those who have died,
Let us find the space to heal.
Let us find the courage to stand up as allies.
Let us find the strength to build a more just world. For all of us.


Monica C-L said...

COLAGE posted this blog today, including resources for transgender family members -

lisalee18wheeler said...

Maybe depending on the gay community isn't such a great idea... It's funny that I spent the evening with my lez friends celebrating life, rather than celebrating victimhood.

Lisalee :-)