Monday, August 18, 2008

Trans Fashion

Perhaps it is a measure of how far our popular culture has shifted, when hot transgender people are popping up in the fashion and entertainment world. I recently caught an episode of I Want to Work for Diddy, which includes a striking transgender woman as a contestant. Though I'd sworn off reality television years ago, it was encouraging to see both a trans woman and a gay former soldier on a show based mainly on P. Diddy's ego.

In other reality TV news, one of the contestants on America's Next Top Model is also a transgender woman. Talk about going mainstream!

Trans folks can also be fierce fashionistas, as evidenced by Kenneth Cole's online ad with Nina Poon and her boyfriend. This video is so impressive, I almost want to buy designer shoes.

This type of inclusion is great because it not only shows that transgender people exist, but that they can be beautiful (even by our culture's unrealistic standards).

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