Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kids of Trans Resource Guide On the Web

Some movers and shakers are spreading the word about the Kids of Trans Resource Guide. Donna Rose posted this great article on Bilerico Project, explaining from a parent's perspective just how important the KOT Guide will be for transgender families:

Part of the problem was that there were no resources for me to give to my son to
help him. There was nothing to help him understand, to know what to expect, to
help him realize that he wasn't alone. There was no support network, so we were
left to struggle through all the difficult issues on our own. Far too many
trans-people become permanently estranged from their children as feelings of
discomfort, anger, shame, and confusion pervade the relationship. Many of us
never recover from this heartbreaking loss.

The good news is that times have changed. Tools and support networks to help transitioning parents and their children are being developed. Case in point is the recent announcement from COLAGE of the development of a groundbreaking guide for people with transgender parents, a Kids of Trans Resource Guide.

I am eternally grateful for Donna's continued support and appreciation of my work. She is an incredible role model with a strong voice in the LGBT community whose post will surely bring more visibility to the Kids of Trans Program.

Queerspawn activist and author Abigail Garner also blogged about the KOT Resource Guide. I'm proud to share it with her, since she was one of the first people to encourage me to write the guide. I contacted her while researching my thesis on people with transgender parents, looking for resources for my paper. She was writing Families Like Mine at the time and assured me that my research was much needed. Five years later, she's spreading the appreciation:

Congratulations to Monica Canfield-Lenfest who is celebrating the release of her
new resource guide for people with transparents. This guide is a culmination of
her personal experience of having a transparent and her recent years of advocacy
and community building, topped off with several months as a fellow at the COLAGE
Thanks, Abigail!

The Kids of Trans Resource Guide is now available online. You can still request paper copies, too. As you can see above, they're rather handsome.

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