Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yes, I started a blog

It's been months in the making and finally, in the penultimate month of my unstoppable year, I actually have a blog. Its main purpose is to document the work I'm doing to increase visibility and resources for people with transgender parents. I'm completing a five-month fellowship at COLAGE to expand their Kids of Trans program and develop a resource guide specifically for people with transgender parents. I love my job and this work has been my passion for a few years.

This year has been an incredible journey and I probably should have started writing this after the polar bear plunge of 1.1.07. In all of the moving, I never found time to sit down and document it on the web. Now that I've landed (for now), the time has come.

There is much more to write, which will come in time. In case you were wondering, SOFFA stands for significant other, family, friend, ally of transgender people. Apparently, it's pronounced saw-fa, but I like the pun. I identify as a SOFFA within the trans community. It is a significant aspect of my identity and fuels my activism.

Are you ready to hear more? Take a seat.

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